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Colourful Global Agenda

Sometimes the world can appear a rather dark and bleak place but we hope to remedy that.  We've sourced these amazing sectional globes from Japan, as a great gift idea or fun activity to do with some eager and artistic small folk in your life. 

They come flat-packed and are self-assembled to feature the earth’s surface detailing countries, continents and oceans whilst inside gets to the core elements. Once manipulated they lean at an angle of 23.4 degrees, the precise angle of the earth’s axis.

There are various examples within the range, one of our favourites being this blank globe which can be coloured in any way favoured.  Order yours, get creative and show us what you've done - there are various ways to do this, via our Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter or send us a regular old e-mail (if you haven't gone cold cyber).


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On a recent visit to London for a pretty hot ticket in town, the House of Vans launch, we stumbled across a small contemporary art gallery on Lower Marsh, Waterloo.  Specialising in mixed media, Orso Major sits just around the corner from Waterloo station on a street most familiar to us; some friends owned and ran a skateboard store come art gallery called CIDE a number of years ago.

Back to Orso Major, there were a couple of artists that caught our eye and justified a shout out; Kerry Eggleton for Wolf and Fox and accomplished printmaker John Duffin's detailed London haunts.  http://orsomajor.com 

We love a bit of art and adds instant gratification in the home or office space but sometimes it can be a little over budget.  There's a scheme out there for those that may not have heard about it that we think deserves some props - its called Own Art.  As long as the gallery works with the scheme, it's easy (there's around 250 galleries doing it, just find out online).  You can spread the whole cost of the artwork over 10 monthly payments in order to purchase it, a bit like a loan you pay off but without paying any added interest.  Check it out...http://www.ownart.org.uk/

We didn't ask if Orso Major works with the scheme so don't go bowling on in there demanding it OK!  But if they are unaware, it could be a cool move to drop the name.

Here's a link to Kerry Eggleton's direct web page, well worth a looksee - http://mashka.co.uk 


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