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Colourful Global Agenda

Sometimes the world can appear a rather dark and bleak place but we hope to remedy that.  We've sourced these amazing sectional globes from Japan, as a great gift idea or fun activity to do with some eager and artistic small folk in your life. 

They come flat-packed and are self-assembled to feature the earth’s surface detailing countries, continents and oceans whilst inside gets to the core elements. Once manipulated they lean at an angle of 23.4 degrees, the precise angle of the earth’s axis.

There are various examples within the range, one of our favourites being this blank globe which can be coloured in any way favoured.  Order yours, get creative and show us what you've done - there are various ways to do this, via our Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter or send us a regular old e-mail (if you haven't gone cold cyber).


Why We Love...

DIY Globes.

A modern take on the traditional map, these sectional globes have topographical features like mountain ranges, rivers, deserts and marshes.  As you self-assemble you can learn about the structure of the planet through labelled core parts and manipulating the surface sheets together.  Once finished the globe is designed to lean at exactly the same angle as the tilt of the earth's axis, 23.4 degrees. Linked up here is the antique finish, designed with a leather textured look to it for bit of authenticity but don't forget to check out the other styles from colour-in designs, wood effect finishes to the timezone traveller edition, perfect for travel buddies and business dads. 



The Insta Peg

We put an image of a row of oversized and colourful pegs via our Instagram account @thegentsjoint, which seemed to have pinched some interest, ha - see what we did there?  Anyway, here's a snip more detail and appreciation of their dual capacity for design and function.

Smart, strong, graphic and oversized, these pegs come in a variety of colours including White, Grey, Red, Orange, Blue, Green and Pink.  Incredibly simple to pin up, they can be used indoors or out (they're water resistant) to peg allsorts of things from home accessories, light clothes, hats, jewellery, photos, kids school stuff, the dog's lead or notes and memos. 

It would be interesting to see what you use it for - tag us in, send us a photo, make a suggestion, just have some fun. 

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