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Deadly Red Wine Claims Hardware

This is a real-life problem.  It has affected us and people around us, so we can't be the only unlucky so and so's around.  In fact we quite enjoyed the read of an article called 'How to unf*@ck red wine spillage on a MacBook Pro Logic board', that's just how we roll. - how-to-unfuck-red-wine-spillage-on-a-macbook-pro-logic-board

This was pure accident and unluckiness mixed in with some intoxication - I think we can all relate to that but we do have a little deal on prevention of the pouring kind.  These material objects known as The Wine Dropstop come in a purchase package of three, can be kept at the ready when entertaining and used in the necks of wine bottles.  Their mission and success - to prevent spillage and they work.

Now on offer at just £9.95 for a pack of three. It's getting to that time of year, these will be appreciated so get stocking up for one and all and you shall be a jolly good fellow.


The Beasties Boys

What a crew!  The full line up of Mr Badger, Mr Fox, Mr Hare and Mr Stag complement one another when taking centre stage.  Headliners in a debut ceramics collection by UK textile designer Carola Van Dyke called 'Beasties', their devastatingly good looks and solid performance do not disappoint. 

They certainly know how to present themselves and are versatile across a number of genres.  Find them featured on an espresso coffee set, cushions, mugs, plates, placemats, coasters and egg cups.  A big hit for all occasions suiting the occasional table to the full blown host.  A great collection for shelfie addicts too.

Destination, Sip & Eat for the Beasties latest collection - http://ginger-rose.co.uk/collections/sip-eat

Why We Love...

Wooden Toast Plate

Something a bit quirky, away from the norm and a little unique to bring to the table.  Some may discuss the pros and cons of a round plate over a square plate, all white or with pattern features, but when it comes to the grain we're opting for the wooden 'Toast' plate.

Set the table, use them as placemats or indeed plates for a finger-picking tapas selection or social sharing meal.  Get them personalised for your pleasure or someone else's. 

Eat, Drink, Sleep at...

The Gunton Arms

A perfect weekender, The Gunton Arms combines a traditional pub feel in historic grounds boasting a thousand acre deer park and amazing fodder by chef Stuart Tattersall (ex head chef at Mark Hix) who uses ingredients close to home. 

Purchased by art dealer Ivor Braka in 2009, he has undertaken some major restoration pulling in a few choice names to help with the interior, bar and restaurant. Set near Cromer, Norfolk this place also accommodates the weary within its eight bedrooms.  Worth a visit. 


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