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Round Up For the New Wheels

We've got a wheel bit of inspiration happening with our new SS15 offering starting with the 'Bikes of Hackney' range from Ella Doran.  We selected a few homewares to inject a bit of photographic fun to the table, featured on bike wheel coasters, chopping boards and a serving tray, ready for celebrating Spring when it shines and we get the outdoor thirst on. 

Then there's a clever bit of French design by Swab that caught our eye in the form of this simulated rubber and wood tyre which can be used as a wall hook / storage or quirky desk accessory.  Multi-use we most definitely like.  On our 'for our home' list most definitely.

What's turning your wheels?  Let us know or share with us on Facebook (Ginger Rose - The Gents Joint), Twitter (@TheGentsJoint) and Instagram (@Thegentsjoint). 

Simplistic and Functional European Design

We're drawn to inspirational design, clean lines and function and it wasn't long before we discovered the aesthetics of Jan & Lara's Universo Positivo project, having first launched in Paris, 2013.  After meeting in London and Paris to see the new collections, more of which we would gladly have cultivating in our own pads, we've introduced a small selection of their oak and contrast coloured lacquered metal accessories. 

Curate your own range of desk tidy options using the tray or pent pot in the variety of colours available; mix and match with White, Neon Yellow, Agate Grey or Salmon Red.  Then look to the wall storage boxes, pure style and again something quite desirable as a single unit or showcased in multiples together.  They come in three sizes, Large in Neon Yellow, Medium in White and Small in Traffic Grey.  European design at its best and wholly affordable. 

Click here to see the new collection.

See us in.... Country Homes & Interiors Magazine (out today)

A shout out to the lovely Tamara Kelly, Style Editor at Country Homes & Interiors Magazine who made a pick of items to feature in the new April issue, out today.  Keep your pies out (it is British Pie Week c'mon!) for our Leather Storage Trunks featured on page 39, Leather Desk Tidy and Japanese Blotter Drawing Pad both featured on page 76 'Shopping Shortlist', our Oversized Peg (in orange) on page 79 and white Envelope Paperweight page 81 continued in the 'Shopping Shortlist'. 

Check out their new shopping buys video based on 'Best Desk Buys' featuring our Oversized Peg Clip here.

Get Your Grind On

When we visited Top Drawer earlier this year we stopped by London based design workshop Wireworks to check out what they had and spied these contemporary styled Kiki Grinders.  Wireworks have a strong background in product development and their Moroccan meets mid-century design appealed to us straight away.  So here they are, ready to season this SS15.

The mills use an adjustable ceramic mechanism with smooth grinding action suitable for both salt and pepper.  They come in two different sizes, whether you prefer the taller, slimmer style or the short and stockier presence.  The colourways easily integrate into today's modern lifestyles including the almighty classic white, natural beech which is lightly waxed or super bright neon options in orange and lime, these have a smooth satin fluorescent finish that's hard wearing and easily cleaned.

Make the perfect gift for new homeowners, dinner hosts or perhaps couples just getting married or celebrating their 5th Wedding Anniversary - Wood. 

Get yours here - £85 / £89 for a PAIR.

Make David David THE Accessory This Season

Our SS15 line up is looking great and none better than these bold geometric designs to brighten up those Spring showers and grey skies.  After celebrating the launch of the new umbrella collection with an installation at the grand Somerset House for London Fashion Week, invited by the hallowed British Council, Ginger Rose now welcome a selection of David David designs right here. 

These brollies are coveted accessories this season and they're pretty much what we'll be keeping by our side every step of the way.  Not only are they totally functional but they're the best looking rain guards we've seen.  The graphic shapes and colourful designs are so striking, it's hard to choose a favourite.  At just £99.00 this is the must-have accessory for the modern man who is happy for the distraction. 

Click here for the new range.


British Pie Week

Low and behold a magnificent week of celebration with British Pie Week.  Yes it's here and starts today, 2nd until 8th March.  Pie-eaters everywhere can indulge and gorge in their favourite flavours and there's an official website you can download your own copy of recipe ideas.  http://www.britishpieweek.co.uk/

We're just in time with our Falcon Enamelware Bake Set so if you're feeling adventurous and fancy making your own, get your first pie Bake Set right here - http://ginger-rose.co.uk/products/falcon-enamelware-pigeon-grey-bake-set - just be sure to tag us in your photos, we'd like to share the glory. 





The Falcon Launches for SS15

We're pretty damn excited for this launch.  Falcon Enamelware, we know you'll love and there's something for everyone in this collection.  Girls and boys can enjoy the new product range and usage on so many levels.

A design classic from the 1920’s you might be familiar with Falcon Enamelware enduring the kitchens of Grandmas and Nans nationwide. Reinventing a slice of British history the new range is liberated from the pantry, introducing new designs and colourways beyond the white platters with blue rim.

To fuse with our collections at Ginger Rose, we’ll be introducing the Pigeon Grey colourway and envisage lots of outdoor goings-on, from camping, BBQs, picnics to bro trips. They’re designed to be well-used, withstand heat and be unbreakable ticking all the boxes our end. All households should be partial to the new range, including the Bake Set, Tea Towel, Apron, Deep Plates, Classic Mug and Tumblers all available NOW at Ginger Rose.

Gift wise, you can fulfil cotton, linen and tin anniversaries as well as please lovers of pie dishes, all-in recipes and all-purpose unpretentious cooking.  Get on and enjoy.  Click here to see the collection.

Extraordinary Craftsmanship

That's what Rewined Candles are all about and we're sold.  We've received them and they smell amazing - we've product tested already! We are pleased to announce their launch within the new collection - we're confident you'll love the product too. Their passion lies in exploring wine and places with good people.  Seeking to delight the senses through their candles and stories behind them, they want to make sure there is room for merrymaking in our every day.  We salute that indeed.

The candles are made in Charleston, South Carolina, from repurposed wine bottles using premium natural soy wax, laced with an intoxicating blend of fragrances.  Each fragrance is designed to mimic the flavours and aromas found in your favourite variety of wine.  They believe in doing every step of their candle making process by hand while using the richest ingredients possible.  What started in 2009 has grown through recruiting friends to help make, sell and market the candles, creating a family like environment.  Adam, the founder continued the family vibe, forming an invaluable partnership with the South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation department and over the past three years over 30 candlemakers have joined the crew after completing vocational training. 

We met with the guys in London and after hearing their story and smelling the flavours and fragrances just loved what they were about.  So here it is, Rewined Candles at Ginger Rose!

Fragrances we'll be stocking include Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet, Champagne and Merlot.  They burn for 60-80 hours and cost just £27.95.  What's your flavour?  Click here to see what's new.


SS15 Collections Launching Soon

We've been doing the rounds spying out some new goods to source for Ginger Rose and we're stoked to have found a few new brands and companies to share.  It's been a case of sifting through a lot just to find a good few and we'll be starting to introduce them over the next few weeks to the store. 

Here's a little taster of what's to come and we hope you like it. 

Falcon Enamelware - British origins dating back to the 1920's when they produced durable kitchenware to withstand the heat of Grandma's kitchen in their white and blue rim tins.  Reinvented and liberated, we've put up a little pitch for some of the new range in a muted Pigeon Grey colourway that's perfect for shelf fans and outdoor explorers.  We just love this range. 

Rewined Candles - Pure craftsmanship to delight the senses, this US company have repurposed wine bottles into wine fragranced scented candles and every step of the process is done by hand.  Fill your house with warm aromas of your favourite grape including Pinot Noir, Riesling, Champagne or with seasonal smells to remind you of Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter. Great all round gift idea.

Wireworks Kiki Grinders - Lincoln Rivers, head designer at London based workshop Wireworks has a keen eye for product development.  We've grasped the Kiki Grinder with two hands and will be introducing it to Ginger Rose store soon.  Moroccan meets mid-century in contemporary styling to become the seasoned table accessory for all design fans.  We can also laser these with your chosen words for more personal appeal.

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