This is how we roll...
Man of Steel

This is a contemporary living piece with multiple uses.  The u-shaped powder coated steel has perfect form and a useful wooden carry handle.  We've tried out a few uses ourselves which integrates nicely within our own lives and we know this is a popular product with our customers.  Stack magazines, newspapers, fabrics / cushions, logs for the wood burner, top up with bottles of vin rouge or your favourite ale - the choice is yours.  Buy as a gift or recommend to a friend, this will get more than a few 'Likes'.

Love the Light

By now most of you will have enjoyed Bonfire Night shenanigans with colourful fireworks and warm glow of the fire.  We're waiting for Saturday to enjoy ours.  As you head home why not embrace the theme of lighting.  

There's nothing more cosy and atmospheric than a bit of candle light.  Let's be clear, we don't go for the simple fragrant candle option or tea light fancy, no.  We opt for something that not only gives the right vibe but ticks both the design and function boxes with gusto. 

Behold the Wooden Candleabra Corkscrew!  Crafted wood, opens your favourite bottle of plonk, keep in place with the cork in the bottle and add three upright candles.  Bob's your uncle, Fanny's your aunt.  Boy done good.


Torch Guy

As well as setting an effigy of Guy Fawkes alight in the name of celebrations and enjoying a selection of fireworks explode overhead, there's a few practical things that can help with Bonfire Night attendance. 

Our slender torch lights in a variety of modern colours make for easy carriage and good looks helping to get you where you need to go as the winter evenings draw in.  Which is your colour?

Are you a duck or a sheep?

We don't go overboard on soft furnishings but we do covet these amazing cushions.  The cotton weave on the front features your choice of a mallard duck on a blue background and pinstripe back cover, or a woolly sheep on a grey background and smart herringbone cover on the back.  Instant appeal on any form of seating and compliments even the most mild mannered of décor pundits. 

Watch out for the new stag cushion featured on a black background coming soon and ready for Christmas!


Deadly Red Wine Claims Hardware

This is a real-life problem.  It has affected us and people around us, so we can't be the only unlucky so and so's around.  In fact we quite enjoyed the read of an article called 'How to unf*@ck red wine spillage on a MacBook Pro Logic board', that's just how we roll. - how-to-unfuck-red-wine-spillage-on-a-macbook-pro-logic-board

This was pure accident and unluckiness mixed in with some intoxication - I think we can all relate to that but we do have a little deal on prevention of the pouring kind.  These material objects known as The Wine Dropstop come in a purchase package of three, can be kept at the ready when entertaining and used in the necks of wine bottles.  Their mission and success - to prevent spillage and they work.

Now on offer at just £9.95 for a pack of three. It's getting to that time of year, these will be appreciated so get stocking up for one and all and you shall be a jolly good fellow.


Colourful Global Agenda

Sometimes the world can appear a rather dark and bleak place but we hope to remedy that.  We've sourced these amazing sectional globes from Japan, as a great gift idea or fun activity to do with some eager and artistic small folk in your life. 

They come flat-packed and are self-assembled to feature the earth’s surface detailing countries, continents and oceans whilst inside gets to the core elements. Once manipulated they lean at an angle of 23.4 degrees, the precise angle of the earth’s axis.

There are various examples within the range, one of our favourites being this blank globe which can be coloured in any way favoured.  Order yours, get creative and show us what you've done - there are various ways to do this, via our Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter or send us a regular old e-mail (if you haven't gone cold cyber).


A Weighty Issue

1984.  Then designed to give Western people a feeling that in the not too distant future the rule of a totalitarian government may not be such a great idea was translated through a fictional story detailing and warning of the dangers that lay ahead with such power.

A poignant step in trying to overcome losing certain memories through government brainwashing tactics, the character Winston buys a paperweight in an antique store in the prole district.  It comes to signify his attempt to reconnect with and remember the past. 

Well, this is where we advocate the humble paperweight, not as a piece of history but as desk art.  The simple white envelope, a folded piece of A4 paper or the paper aeroplane have inspired the form of these white powder coated steel home accessories.  Look after the past, present and future with a little style.



Log It

Remember This Is Your Life?  Maybe you have to be of a certain age - we're not giving anything away here but it did entrap people and showcase everything known to their celebrated life, whilst they were still alive we might just add.  Starting from birth, it included photographs, excerpts from forgotten teaching staff, life milestones, memories, comments from friends and family, acheivements etc...they were confronted with it all in one large red leather (was it?) bound scrap book. 

It's still a great idea even if Michael Aspel won't be doing it in person, so how about starting with a more modern take in the form of our Log Book.  It's designed to look like a piece of wood, grain and all but cleverly disguising lined pages within.  Buy and personalise for someone you know, lifelong friend, groom if you're the best man, for friends and family expecting a baby into the world...there's plenty of ideas to kick of a thoughtful gift idea.  Or budding writers can start building material for their autobiography perhaps?

£24.95 can't be bad for a life story can it - http://ginger-rose.co.uk/products/wood-slab-log-book-can-be-personalised

Cheese Please

There are lovers and haters.  We most definitely sit on the loving side of the cheeseboard, everything from a stinking bishop, blue veined strong stilton to a creamy brie, we're all in.  Feeling smug and refined with a complimenting bottle of red and a selection of individual cheeses with appreciating friends can only be a good thing. There's just one thing to make it better...

The Trophy Wooden Cheese Board - we're able to customise your comment and brand the board with your chosen vocabulary or choose the plain option and let the cheese do the talking. 

Yours from only £45 - http://ginger-rose.co.uk/products/trophy-wooden-cheese-board

The Whisky Lovers Club

We see that even David Beckham is apparently a fan of whisky having been involved in the launch of a single grain scotch called Haig Club.  The bottle's design is more like a fragrance bottle than the traditional style bottled drink but for those seeking to indulge we are more than happy to recommend this little set - The Whisky Lovers Set. 

It includes two sleek mouth-blown Avva glass tumblers and six soapstone beverage cubes.   The cubes are handcrafted in the oldest soapstone workshop in Vermont, USA and once pre-chilled, will keep drinks cool without impairing or weakening the taste.  We can also personalise the cubes with letters or numbers upon request - what about it BECKS? 


Dippy Egg Dinners

We all love them and you can't beat them.  When you're not sure what to have and the cupboards are all but empty, boiled egg and soldiers can save the day.  Easy, quick and a fairly healthy option, it's just about nailing the length of time to keep the yolk runny but the white part cooked. 

Serve up in one of our Beasties Egg Cups, now on offer.  Choose from four debonair wildlife characters and get dipping.  Now just £14.95 it's worth stocking up for Christmas.  Yes - that's just 78 days to go.


Need To Know - Dan Hillier

We've been a fan for a long while, after seeing a collection of his work in a bar in Hoxton some years ago.  E-mailed to show appreciation for his work and a personal message came back - gold.  Since then we have seen his work appear in several shows, in magazines and now on the coveted Royal Blood album which is shortlisted for the Mercury Prize, so you might be seeing even more of his picture 'Falls', which is featured on the cover. 

Although we don't know him, we feel like he's a humble chap, human and grateful for everything.  We'd like to meet him someday. 


Smart Man's Desk Set

This leather desk set includes a desk blotter, A4 tray and pen pot; an ideal gift set for a hard working gent.  The warm leather tones and stitch detailing make for smart organisation that will last and age beautifully over time.  A trio triumph.

Further leather accessories that match this set can be purchased separately.


It's a veggie tragedy

Raise a smile in the kitchen with this star crossed lovers chopping board.  Recreate your own veggie tragedy - we'd certainly be happy to see it and perhaps you will be rewarded.

Tweet us @thegentsjoint

Image it via Instagram @thegentsjoint

Hashtag #veggietragedy

This chopping board is on offer at under £20 now too - http://ginger-rose.co.uk/products/romeo-julienne-chopping-board

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