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Ha, love a good tagline.  Upshot is, we covet this complimenting set of wooden trays.  Protect, carry or use as a piece within the home, there's multiple uses for display and function.  The duo tones and minimal aesthetic make an easy transition within your environment. 

The pair costs just just £65.00 - http://ginger-rose.co.uk/products/wooden-tray-set

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Leather Watch Box

Presentation is everything and our handcrafted leather watch boxes are a bit of a hit.  Available in two sizes, large for multiple watches or the small box for one, both have quality stitch detailing, a brass clasp and soft buff lining.  They can be individually branded with a name, message or date. 

What watch would you put in it?  We've seen the OMEGA Seamaster Aqua Terra “Goldfinger” Watch and we wouldn't say no. 

Large Watch Box - http://ginger-rose.co.uk/products/leather-watch-box-large

Small Watch Box - http://ginger-rose.co.uk/products/copy-of-leather-watch-box-small

Why We Love...

Wooden Toast Plate

Something a bit quirky, away from the norm and a little unique to bring to the table.  Some may discuss the pros and cons of a round plate over a square plate, all white or with pattern features, but when it comes to the grain we're opting for the wooden 'Toast' plate.

Set the table, use them as placemats or indeed plates for a finger-picking tapas selection or social sharing meal.  Get them personalised for your pleasure or someone else's. 

Why We Love...

The Leather Basket

Rifling and sifting through things all the time can get somewhat tedious.  Sort out your storage issues and life will definitely seem easier.  As the weather, until the last couple of days that is, decided to remind us that autumn was on the way our thoughts turned to the heating kicking in soon.  If you're lucky enough to have a wood burning fire kicking around, we reckon we have your log storage sorted with this bad boy. 

To be honest it's good for loads of things; it's a sturdy carry friendly box essentially but with the handcrafted leather and stitch detail, it has that little something extra.  It comes in a Tan or Brown finish and guaranteed to keep books, magazines, papers, logs, toys or whatever else tidy.


Why We Love...

Musgo Real

If you haven't already tried out these fresh scents from the men's skincare experts, then you're in for a real treat.  The luxury shower gel and body cream set comes in a selection of earthy scents including Lime Basil, Oak Moss and Orange Amber.

With over 100 years experience in handmade production, the shower gel / shampoo, enriched with vitamin B5, cleanses and softens whilst the body cream both nourishes and moisturises leaving skin smooth, enriched with glycerine, shea butter formula and olive and almond oil extracts.  Aesthetically and authentically packaged backed up with a revitalizing and masculine scent, it takes personal grooming that next level up.


Why We Love...


Not only do we seek to discover the best quality items with interesting design and functional features, we also source materials that can be personalised by our customers.  We offer them the control to change and transform a gift piece into something more special and personal to them and their recipient.  

Should you wish to add something with humour like our 'Trophy Husband' wooden cutting board or more traditionally the family name to the roast resting board, to personalising a journal ready for wedding day wishes or corporate gifts, our in-house laser wizard can create the message you want to convey. 

Here's a link to view all of the items that can be personalised; wood, leather, paper (but really anything if you have the requirement) - http://ginger-rose.co.uk/collections/personalised

Why We Love...

The Complete Men's Manicure Set.

It's time to pay a little more attention to some home grooming habits.  We use our hands for rather a lot of things, ahem, and it's no surprise they might start to look somewhat rough around the edges or a tad rugged.  We're certainly not the sort to be spending hours preening but can't see a reason why perhaps we wouldn't take a few minutes every now and again to clean, clip and culture our nails to good health.

This complete stainless steel kit comes in a nifty case that can be kept handy and travel.  Seal of approval here.


Why We Love...

DIY Globes.

A modern take on the traditional map, these sectional globes have topographical features like mountain ranges, rivers, deserts and marshes.  As you self-assemble you can learn about the structure of the planet through labelled core parts and manipulating the surface sheets together.  Once finished the globe is designed to lean at exactly the same angle as the tilt of the earth's axis, 23.4 degrees. Linked up here is the antique finish, designed with a leather textured look to it for bit of authenticity but don't forget to check out the other styles from colour-in designs, wood effect finishes to the timezone traveller edition, perfect for travel buddies and business dads. 



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