Undertaking first stages

ar ya reet boi? (are you alright good fellow in Norfolkian dialect) 

So we begin not at the very beginning, for that you can read about in 'About', but at the start of this here website relaunch encompassing what we consider cool, delectable and noteworthy to be part of 'The Gents Joint'.  A place to find what you need in an emergency, irritably when your brain is devoid of that perfect something and hopefully a destination to discover the ideal gift or lifestyle item for all occasions, celebratory or otherwise, with a masculine slant. 

We encompass our first lifestyle shoot within a converted former textiles factory in London called Belt Craft Studios with accomplished photographer Yeshen who is currently on his honeymoon across the other side of the globe.  Congratulations sir! 

We hope you approve of the combination and find inspiration for yourself and someone you know as you browse the collections. 




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