Why We Love...

..the Japanese Blotter Drawing Pad.  The paperboard uses recycled cardboard so not only is the surface stable when you write, it's eco friendly.  The binding side has micro-perforation so you can simply tear off the sheets into standard sizes.  The paper feels strong with a pulp-like texture which happens during the paper-forming process, a method that does not use bleach. 

The innovators behind these beautiful drawing pads was founded in 1938 as a bookbinding company specialising in binding notebooks.  With more than 70 years experience in providing a backbone for paper media, they continue to modernise with new styles of paper manufacture we find pretty smart and compelling.

The drawing pads come in varying sizes and can be purchased with the matching pencil stand as a set.  The pencil stand is made by layering thick paper sourced from recycled cardboard punched with neat holes.  Great set for environmentally minded doodlers and talented types. The binding can be personalised for an added personal touch. http://ginger-rose.co.uk/products/japanese-blotter-drawing-pad-large-can-be-personalised 



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