Log It

Remember This Is Your Life?  Maybe you have to be of a certain age - we're not giving anything away here but it did entrap people and showcase everything known to their celebrated life, whilst they were still alive we might just add.  Starting from birth, it included photographs, excerpts from forgotten teaching staff, life milestones, memories, comments from friends and family, acheivements etc...they were confronted with it all in one large red leather (was it?) bound scrap book. 

It's still a great idea even if Michael Aspel won't be doing it in person, so how about starting with a more modern take in the form of our Log Book.  It's designed to look like a piece of wood, grain and all but cleverly disguising lined pages within.  Buy and personalise for someone you know, lifelong friend, groom if you're the best man, for friends and family expecting a baby into the world...there's plenty of ideas to kick of a thoughtful gift idea.  Or budding writers can start building material for their autobiography perhaps?

£24.95 can't be bad for a life story can it - http://ginger-rose.co.uk/products/wood-slab-log-book-can-be-personalised

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