Colourful Global Agenda

Sometimes the world can appear a rather dark and bleak place but we hope to remedy that.  We've sourced these amazing sectional globes from Japan, as a great gift idea or fun activity to do with some eager and artistic small folk in your life. 

They come flat-packed and are self-assembled to feature the earth’s surface detailing countries, continents and oceans whilst inside gets to the core elements. Once manipulated they lean at an angle of 23.4 degrees, the precise angle of the earth’s axis.

There are various examples within the range, one of our favourites being this blank globe which can be coloured in any way favoured.  Order yours, get creative and show us what you've done - there are various ways to do this, via our Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter or send us a regular old e-mail (if you haven't gone cold cyber).

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