Our Top Picks For Tidy Spaces

As we capitalise on the New Year, fresh start and all that, this is what we're using to keep ourselves in check in the studio and at home.  Don't forget there's 15% off everything when you use the discount code WIN15 at the checkout too.

1. This contemporary styled U-shaped holder comes with a turned wooded handle, ours for magazines but also useful for wine and logs, but maybe not together.  (Out of stock right now but if you're interested, just drop us an e-mail and we can reserve one for you).

2. Part of a range of natural wood grain desk accessories in Blonde Oak, beautifully smooth with flawless finger joint detail.

3. These wooden oversized peg clips are amazing - they're fun, come in loads of different colours, can be used indoors and out and are a doddle to put up.  Used for hanging pictures, clipping our ideas and the dog lead, but equally qualified for accessories, tea towels, and clothing.

4. Not just an ordinary note book, this fella is double sided so you can manage multiple projects or 'to do' lists for work and home in one place.  Choose from a super nice combo colour selection and swap from calls to make to shopping lists with a stylish flip.

5. If you're anything like us, you have piles of paper stacked in a haphazard fashion, everything from notes, invoices, ideas, ripped out pages from magazines, receipts and whatever else that's worked it's way into the heap.  You then pull one thing out and the entire lot topples like Jenga.  Well here's the solution, this handcrafted leather document box to neatly file everything in until you have time to go through it.  Genius.

(* 2, 4 & 5 can all be personalised with a message, name, initials or date on the front)

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