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We're made up to launch Pall Mall Barbers' own shaving and grooming products to Ginger Rose; we also wanted to make using the products at home even easier, so we've approached main man Adrian with some appropriate questions and insider tips for you to take away with. 

Adrian, a barber for the past 23 years, 6 of which have been based at Pall Mall Barbers in London was part of the original team of barbers who helped to create and develop the shaving range.  Working so closely with the developmental stage of the products provided great knowledge and insight into the world of male grooming, which we can now pass on directly to you. 

GR: We're really stoked to be introducing PMB products to our collection for SS15, can you let us know a bit more about how they came about and the development process?  What were the essentials in creating the range?

Adrian: We had been using other brands in store for our luxury shaves which had been adequate, but we wanted to develop a range that we could use in store and a product our customers could take home with them to recreate the barber shop experience for themselves. The range has taken about 5 years from start to finish and it took this long as our team of barbers wanted products that they would want to use in store every day getting the best results from them every time. It was essential to us that we developed a range that felt like no other product when it came to how your skin felt after the shave and also a product that was masculine in smell and look.

GR: You've set up a 3-step shaving system for each stage of the process; how could gents who are perhaps not so familiar with using proper products be influenced to try it out, how much of a difference could it make? 

Adrian: The formulations of the products were designed that it made it easier to use by following the 3 steps cleanse-shave-moisturise. You can use them separately but for the best results it is better to use them together. All of the products complement each other and makes for a better, easier, cleaner shave.

GR: When's best to carry out the routine and how much time are we looking at to set aside? 

Adrian: For the best results at home it’s advisable to wash the face in the shower then apply the shave cream afterwards as the beard will be softer and easier to shave. It’s always better to take your time when shaving as rushing can lead to cuts and shaving rash, but 10 mins is ample time.

GR: Beards are pretty popular on the scene, with varying lengths from wild west stubble to full length man beard - do you hear of a rivalry between this beard phenomenon and can you put to rest any myths about which is easier to maintain?

Adrian: I haven’t heard of any rivalries between beard growers maybe we should invent some ‘Great British Beard Off’ competition!  But I do believe that guys are proud of their beards as it takes patience to grow, sometimes it can take a good few years of love and care for men to get their perfect look . Stubble is easier to look after as you would have it trimmed once a week, you could do this at home with a set of clippers, whereas a beard is a lot harder to look after yourself and probably needs a professional to shape it every couple of weeks to keep it looking good

GR: Some might wonder exactly what the beard oil is for - can you enlighten the naïve as to what its purpose is and when is the best time to use it?

Adrian: Beard oil is used to soften and condition the beard and also the skin underneath as sometimes the skin gets neglected and can become dry. You can use it every day, morning time is probably the best, to flatten and soften the beard which can become unruly through the night, a bit like bed head, you can get bed beard as well!

GR: How easy is it to change your beard style?  What's your advice for help in shaping that's balanced and proportionate?

Adrian: The best way of shaping the beard is to keep the length tight on the sides of the face and a longer length on the chin to keep the shape square which creates a masculine shape

GR: What's the most common mistake in the treatment of a beard?

Adrian: The biggest mistake that men make is trimming the beard themselves with scissors or getting their wives to do it to save money. The outcome is usually fantastically patchy and lop-sided!  

GR: We much admire a well maintained moustache and know that PMB Moustache Wax is the best product for styling whiskers.  What style is most favoured in the Mo world right now - give us an example of someone with the best Mo and how often it might need attention to stay on best form.

Adrian: The ever favourite moustache among men is the Edwardian Handle bar. David Beckham sported one for a while and the style blew up in street fashion a short while later.  The Edwardian handle bar is thick in the middle leading out to thinner curled up tips. This type of moustache gets better with length so most men would usually only trim the tips once every two weeks just to avoid it growing into the mouth.

GR: Is there a beard equivalent to Movember?  If not, why?  What would you call it?   

Adrian: There certainly is a beard equivalent, it takes place in December and men will grow their beards without any shaving for the full month - it’s called Decembeard!

GR: If someone is contemplating a new look using facial hair, what would be your best advice for choosing the right style for them?

Adrian: We usually encourage our customers to experiment with their facial hair before settling for one style, this way they can test which length, shape and style suits them best. So our advice is to live dangerously and leave that beard to grow out and slowly get your barber to cut it back giving you a different style on each of your visits. For anymore advice and tip feel free to contact us at

So there you go, eloquent and impressive advice from one of London's top independent barbers.  If you need more info or would like to book a consultation, we'd advise you get in touch, they're second to none. 

And to try out their superb range of products, click here to buy

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