The Falcon Launches for SS15

We're pretty damn excited for this launch.  Falcon Enamelware, we know you'll love and there's something for everyone in this collection.  Girls and boys can enjoy the new product range and usage on so many levels.

A design classic from the 1920’s you might be familiar with Falcon Enamelware enduring the kitchens of Grandmas and Nans nationwide. Reinventing a slice of British history the new range is liberated from the pantry, introducing new designs and colourways beyond the white platters with blue rim.

To fuse with our collections at Ginger Rose, we’ll be introducing the Pigeon Grey colourway and envisage lots of outdoor goings-on, from camping, BBQs, picnics to bro trips. They’re designed to be well-used, withstand heat and be unbreakable ticking all the boxes our end. All households should be partial to the new range, including the Bake Set, Tea Towel, Apron, Deep Plates, Classic Mug and Tumblers all available NOW at Ginger Rose.

Gift wise, you can fulfil cotton, linen and tin anniversaries as well as please lovers of pie dishes, all-in recipes and all-purpose unpretentious cooking.  Get on and enjoy.  Click here to see the collection.

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