Daily Top 10 #6 - Anniversary Gift Ideas

We're always focused on great design and functionality when it comes to our collections but we also strive to fit that within worthy gift ideas.  Here's a comprehensive Top 10 - a daily selection of the finest presents to take you through all Wedding Anniversary celebrations from the first to the tenth.  

We follow with Anniversary #6 - Iron

We're not strictly going to stick to the plan here but widen the remit which we will interpret as 'strong', in design and material to include metal, stainless steel, pewter and stone.  Yep, that makes sense.  Who wants an iron anyway. 

Featured; whisky stones handcrafted in the oldest in the oldest workshop in Vermont, £29.95 can also be personalised and unusual powder coated steel paperweights, designed like an A4 sheet of paper £32.50 or a paper envelope, £24.00.

Featured; magnetic powder coated steel photo frame letter rack, £34.95 and a mini manicure set containing stainless steel tools for the job, easily portable, £19.95 and can be personalised.

Featured; pewter hipflask in a leather sleeve, £79.00 and leather can be personalised and a bit of stylish wall storage made from oak and lacquered metal, £35.00. 

It's good to get creative and stretch a few boundaries.  You can find them all available at Ginger Rose now


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