Spring Clean Sale And Discount Code

Spring Clean Sale And Discount Code

The astronomical spring has sprung even if it doesn't quite feel like it.  That was Monday, a day after we all caught up at Ginger Rose HQ and hatched our plans for 2017 and beyond!

Here at Ginger Rose HQ there's a fair few happenings in the pipeline. We've added to our team (Hello Julie, Hello Justin!!) and are busy working on new lines, colourways and designing new products, all whilst knocking down the warehouse and building a much larger one!

Lucky for you that means we start with a little stock clearance.  Have a look in Deals to find offers on select products at just £20.17.  Also, we're offering a 20.17% discount on everything else (excluding sale/deal items) until 30th April 2017. 

Keep posted on our developments here or via our social media channels which you can link to via our homepage footer.  We're always interested to hear from you so do share the journey and connect with us.

Thanks for looking in and enjoy the spring! Now where did I put that duster....?

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