What do you want to say this Valentine's?

So that romantic day is coming around all to quick again, ha.  Depending on what stage you're at in the relationship there may be various feelings going on about what to get or surprise your love interest with.  There might be those of you ready to take the plunge and ask for someone's hand in marriage - so how are you going to do it?  Apart from making sure you got the ring buddy, how about personalising one of our wooden 'Trophy' serving boards or toast plates with the immortal two words, "Marry Me".  It can be done. 

Or perhaps you want to present said 'don't look back now' ring in one of our luxury handcrafted leather boxes, again personalised with a name, date, initials or words of your choice?  Just saying, there's plenty of romantic options if you're going all out.  Maybe bust out a bottle of vino and cork it with our clever Corkscrew Candleabra to add some atmosphere.  Something to consider.  Then get on bended knee and say what you gotta say without faltering. 

Wooden Candleabra Corkscrew - Currently on sale, a handy tool to really set the mood

Trophy Wooden Serving Board - Personalise with 'Marry Me' on here

Wooden Toast Plate - Personalise with a message they'll see after dinner

Leather Jewellery Box - Big impact, can be personalised and hides that special ring for surprise value

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