SS15 Collections Launching Soon

We've been doing the rounds spying out some new goods to source for Ginger Rose and we're stoked to have found a few new brands and companies to share.  It's been a case of sifting through a lot just to find a good few and we'll be starting to introduce them over the next few weeks to the store. 

Here's a little taster of what's to come and we hope you like it. 

Falcon Enamelware - British origins dating back to the 1920's when they produced durable kitchenware to withstand the heat of Grandma's kitchen in their white and blue rim tins.  Reinvented and liberated, we've put up a little pitch for some of the new range in a muted Pigeon Grey colourway that's perfect for shelf fans and outdoor explorers.  We just love this range. 

Rewined Candles - Pure craftsmanship to delight the senses, this US company have repurposed wine bottles into wine fragranced scented candles and every step of the process is done by hand.  Fill your house with warm aromas of your favourite grape including Pinot Noir, Riesling, Champagne or with seasonal smells to remind you of Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter. Great all round gift idea.

Wireworks Kiki Grinders - Lincoln Rivers, head designer at London based workshop Wireworks has a keen eye for product development.  We've grasped the Kiki Grinder with two hands and will be introducing it to Ginger Rose store soon.  Moroccan meets mid-century in contemporary styling to become the seasoned table accessory for all design fans.  We can also laser these with your chosen words for more personal appeal.

Come back for more info about our new SS15 collection or sign up to our newsletter to hear when they drop plus any special offers we launch.

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